Thank God for His Presence and His Guidance over the past eight editions of the Agents of Change Conference. Father, we acknowledge that it is you and you alone who has brought the Agents of Change Network to where we are today. We give you all the Glory. Luke 17:12-19grateful leper


The Grateful Leper

How often do we forget to come back and thank God for the blessings He has bestowed? Nine of lepers that were healed either because of the euphoria of being healed, entitlement mentality (being Jews) or simply due to careless oversight forgot to come back and appreciate Jesus for the blessings they have received.

But not so with the grateful Samaritan Leper (Someone who at that time was not regarded as a true worshiper of God). Who was filled with much gratitude and came back and gave glory to God, acknowledging he was not worthy.

Today, like the grateful Leper, we want to take time to thank God and give Him glory for His presence, guidance and blessings in the years that have gone by. We acknowledge that it was His help that has brought us this far as a people and as individuals.

For more information about the conference and registration Here


Published by N B Habu

Light of the World

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