International Prayer Network October Edition

Agents of Change International Prayer Network
October 2018 Edition


Our praying needs to be pressed and pursued with an energy that never tires, a persistency which will not be denied, and a courage that never fails.- E.M. Bounds

Time: 7am to 9am (Nigeria)

To join the Prayer Network call :+234 703 533 5982, +234 706 643 6257

Prayer Direction for Saturday 13th October 2018.

(A) Thanksgiving

1) Let us thank God for His Faithfulness and His mercies over us and our family. Thank God for granting victory on every side to the entire Agents of Change family – Psalm 124:1-8

2) Thank God for divine direction that we enjoy in the Agents of Change Network. Let us thank God for leading us in the way that we should go – Isaiah 48:17

3) Thank God for His mighty outstretched arm that is at work in our midst as Agents of Change. Give God thanks for His fearful acts in our midst – Psalm 44:3

4) Thank God for the supernatural growth of the Agents of Change Network. Thank God for adding to us daily – Acts 2: 47

5) Thank God for everything He has done in our midst in the past 10 years. Give God thanks in advance for all   that He will do in the next 10 years and beyond –Isaiah 43: 18-19

(B) Prayer for the Body of Christ – The Church

6) Pray for the Church in your Nation and in every other Nation of the World.

7) Pray that God will build His Church and that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church in your Nation and all over the World – Mathew 16:18

8) Pray for the Leadership of the Church worldwide. Pray for and mention the names of specific Leaders in the body of Christ as God brings them to your remembrance

9) Pray for unity in the Body of Christ. Pray that God will help the Church to be United – Psalm 133

10) Pray against all the plantings of the devil within the Body of Christ to hinder and to deceive. Pray that God will expose, disgrace and uproot such in Jesus Name – Mathew 15:13

11) Pray that God will cleanse His Church and help us to be rapturable – Eph 5:26

(C) Prayer for Missionaries, Missions and Mission Agencies:

12) Pray for all missionaries in the Body of Christ who are on the field. Pray for and mention the names of specific missionaries as God brings them to your remembrance. Pray for divine provision and protection. Pray against anything and everything that has the power to hinder or discourage them on the field.

13) Pray for an outpouring of God’s power and resources upon every missionary and Mission agency like never before.

14) Pray for a massive harvest of souls. Pray that by His Spirit, God will draw men and women unto Himself in ways and in numbers such as the Church has never seen in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

15) Pray that God by Himself will raise and send labourers into the harvest. Pray that God will help us, that this end time harvest may abide – Luke 10:2

16) Oh Lord, send me as Light to the Nations. Use my life to draw many unto yourself in the mighty name of Jesus Christ –  Psalm 2:8

17) Pray for Open Heavens over Mission Agencies operating within the Body of Christ in your Nation and other Nations of the World.

18) Pray against every strategy of the devil to hinder the propagation of the Gospel in your Nation and other Nations of the World – Psalm 24:7-10

19) Pray for the supernatural release of every believer who is being held in captivity in Nigeria and other Nations of the World because of their stand for Christ. Pray that God by his mighty outstretched arm will bring Leah Sharibu out of captivity in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will use Leah Sharibu to show forth His Glory to the ends of the earth – Acts 16:25-26

(D) Prayer for the Nations

20) Ask God for Mercy on behalf of your Nation. Pray for Peace in your Nation – 2 Chron 7:14

21) Using Nigeria as a point of contact, pray for every Nation in Africa and the World where there is bloodshed and insecurity. Pray that God will uproot every obstacle to progress in Nigeria and your Nation.

22) In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, we decree an end to the killings across Nigeria, especially in Plateau State. We say enough is enough – Mathew 16:19

23) Pray for every nation preparing for Elections, Pray for Peace in the build up to the 2019 Elections in Nigeria and the actual elections early next year.

24) Pray that God will raise in Nigeria leaders who fear Him and have the capacity to take Nigeria to greater heights. Pray for Africa and other Nation of the World.

(E) Prayer for Agents of Change

25) Pray for all Agents of Change Coordinators and Leaders. Pray for God’s help and protection.

26) Pray for the 2019 World Agents of Change Conference scheduled for Friday 25th January to Sunday 27th January 2019. Pray that God will make this 10th edition of the annual conference a unique edition indeed.

27) Pray that God will begin to prepare us for an encounter with Himself at the 2019 conference, the kind of which we have never experienced before in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

28) Pray that God will reactivate our first Love for Him. Pray that God supernaturally circumcise our hearts to truly Love Him – Rev 2:1-4

29) Pray that God will baptize us afresh and anew with the Holy Ghost and with Fire. Pray that God will make us true change agents in our various places of assignment

30) Pray as Led by the Holy Spirit.

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