Prayer & Fasting Meditation

Every Man In His Place

And they stood every man in his place… Judges 7:21

Today is day 6 of our prayer and fasting. We are praying for the maiden edition of the Agents of Change Christian Teachers Summit. We are asking that God by Himself will use this Summit to Engage, Envision and Equip Christian Teachers, and raise for Himself Teachers who will be Agents of Change in their schools indeed and bring Glory and Honour to His name. 2 Tim 2:2

As we pray for Christian teachers today, let’s bear in mind the fact that everyone is called to stand in his or her own place for God.

We are all ministers of God, while a few are called to focus on the work of church and ministry as ‘full time’ ministers, a large number of us are called to stand for God in the places of our various vocation and careers as businessmen, civil servants, teachers, politicians, farmers etc.

As agents of Change, God wants us to occupy those ‘platforms’ for Him. We are not where we are today just to make a living but to make an impact.

God has called each of us to do good, to excel, to serve faithfully, to make a difference, to shine His light and to bring profit to His Kingdom.

He wants us to stand for the truth, for righteousness and to bring glory and honour to His name through our lives and our conduct in a corrupt and perverse generation. 1 Pet 2:9.

How well have you been standing for God in your place? Have you been a faithful ambassador of the kingdom?

Pray today and ask for grace and wisdom to stand courageously and faithfully for God in the midst of the current difficulties and challenges.

Ask God to make you a true ambassador of the kingdom, so that as you are standing in the place where God has planted you, you will honour him with your life and conduct.

Pray that when He returns or calls you home you will hear the words “… Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful…Matthew 25:21″.

Pray now!

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