Prayer & Fasting Meditation

No substitutes

Day 10

We are praying today that God will baptize us afresh and anew with the Holy Ghost and with Fire. Pray that God will release us from this conference as Light to the Nations indeed in Jesus mighty name. Acts 13:47

Previously, we have said that God is raising a new people of power. Men and women who are filled with the Holy Ghost and Power.

These men and women realize their need for God. They absolutely depend on the Power of the Holy Ghost for everything.

The Bible says;

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for
God was with him. Acts 10:38

Agents of Change are a people who walk in the power and anointing of the Holy Ghost.

You cannot make any meaningful impact without the Holy Ghost. You may do somethings but as far as heaven is concerned it is nothing.

You cannot go about doing good in the energy of the flesh. Your compassion will run out, your resources will dry up and your strength will fail you.

It is through the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit that we can change our world. It is His power that ignites our souls and makes us burning and shining lights.

Don’t assume that you can do without the anointing. Jesus told the disciples not to venture into the task of witnessing Him to the world until they receive this enduement with Power from on high. Luke 24:49

There is no subtitute for the Power of the Holy Ghost. Not eloquence, not technology, not knowledge, not organization, not systems, methods and procedures.

Nothing can ever replace the presence, anointing and Power of the Holy Spirit.

Are you longing for His power and anointing? Do you desire a fresh baptism of the Holy Ghost and of fire?

Then pray today for a fresh encounter with the Holy Ghost. Pray that He will descend mightly on you in a way you have never experienced before even as we gather before Him in the next few days.

May God visit us mightly in Jesus Name.


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