Day 2 : Prayer Point

Prayer Point

Let us thank God for divine guidance that we have been enjoying since the beginning of this vision of the Agents of Change Network 12 years ago.

God has indeed been leading us with clarity and has never allowed us to stumble in the dark. To Him alone be all the Glory.

Also appreciate God for His leading in your life as an individual. – John 8:12.


Later, in one of his talks, Jesus said to the people, “I am the light of the world. So if you follow me, you wont be stumbling through the darkness, for living light will flood your path.” John 8:12

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When there is a power cut and you need to get something from your room, you feel your way around towards what you are looking for. Yet, even though you may have lived in that room for years, it is often the case that you may still stumble, and fall as you try to make your way around the pitch-dark room.

Now think about what the experience will be if it was a room that you had never been into before, and you needed to find something you had never seen before that time. For many people, making their way through life is like trying to find their way around a room shrouded in pitch darkness; they literarily stumble blindly through life.

Our hearts ought therefore to be filled with gratitude that we have Jesus, and in him, we have the light of life. As we have followed his guidance over the past 12 years of this vision of the Agents of Change Network, His instructions have helped us not to merely stumble through.

Let us therefore give thanks for the light that Jesus shines into every darkness; providing the clarity we need to walk sure-footedly into the future.

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Light of the World

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