Day 3: Prayer Point

Day 3 WAOCC 21 Days Prayer and fasting

Prayer Point

Thank God for all the previous editions of the Conference from 2010 to 2019, and for His faithfulness over the years

Thank God for faithfully giving us a Word for each year of the Conference. Thank Him for all participants who have attended previous editions of the Conference.

Thank God for all the souls saved and miracles experienced in all the Conferences.

Appreciate God for His faithfulness in your life and family over the years as well.


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Speak Lord.

1 Sam 3:1
In those days, when the boy Samuel was serving the Lord under the direction of Eli, there were very few messages from the Lord, and visions from Him were quite rare.

God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, and so when God refuses to send his word, the paths that men take grows dark, and their lives suddenly become filled with uncertainty.

Eli and his children displeased God by their conduct, such that Eli who used to be the priest over God’s house suddenly could no longer hear God’s word again. The danger for us in this age is that, because we have the written word, which we can read any time we choose, we may not quickly realize it if God grows silent.

As Agents of Change, we must therefore be doubly thankful that over the years we have continued to receive a constant witness in our heart and the word (beyond the letter) of God continues to be revealed to us.

We must also examine our individual hearts to learn if His word has grown scarce, and His visions and visitations have become rare. May we not find it to be so in Jesus name, and may we constantly recognize His voice when he calls and utter the response, “Speak Lord.”

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