Day 7: Prayer Points

Prayer Points

Pray for every session during the 2020 World Agents of Change Conference – The Christian Teachers Summit, the Worship Sessions, Bible Study, Messages, Special Sessions and Night of Change Prayer vigil etc.

Declare that great grace will be released in every session of the 2020 WAOCC Conference. Acts 4:33


And with great power gave the Apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all

– Acts 4:33
Open up your spirit to receive grace for the race

The early Church was known for the manifestation of God’s great power because great grace was released upon them. They had such divine enablement which made them do the unthinkable. In releasing grace, God must find the hearts of a people ready to run with the mandate of His Kingdom.

‘…Great grace was upon them all’ implies that every participant at the 2020 World Agents of Change Conference can receive such grace that will enable us run the race for the rest of our lives. God specializes in doing great things because He is a great God. There are special levels of great grace(s) apportioned for every session of the forthcoming Conference. So, strip yourself of anything that can hinder you and open up your spirit to receive grace for the race; because the fulfillment of your divine assignment will be impossible without His grace.

May you not be distracted nor underestimate any session of this Conference – Prayer, Bible study, Worship, Vision Challenge, Messages, Night of Change and other specialized sessions. May every segment find you humble and fully ready to receive great grace to advance the Kingdom in Jesus Mighty Name.

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