Day 15: Prayer Points

Prayer Point:

As we gather for the 2020 World Agents of Change Conference, pray that God in His mercies will uproot anything in the life of any participant that will hinder them from being partakers of that which God is set to do at the conference – Matthew 15:13


A final solution

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Jesus replied, “Every plant not planted by my father shall be rooted up.”

Matt 15:13

Job said of a tree that, “if it is cut down, it sprouts again and grows tender, new branches. Though its roots have grown old in the earth, and its stump decays, it may sprout and bud again at the touch of water, like a new seedling.” Job 14:7

Therefore, knowing the resilience of a plant whose roots have not been destroyed, when the Lord spoke of what the Father will do to those things that have been planted but not by him, He said, “my Father shall root them up.”

One almost likes the image of holy violence that this conjures. If you have ever rooted out offensive weed from a garden patch, you may have not just pulled out the weed, but also shaken out the good soil that still clung to its roots and flung the weed in a pile where it will dry and be burnt. This is what the Lord can do to every planting of the enemy in our lives: pull it out, shake off any part of us that it seeks to hold on to and then discard it in a dump where it will be burnt.

This is our conviction as we countdown to the conference; everything that has been planted in order to hinder people from receiving the fullness of God’s portion at the conference shall be rooted up by God himself.

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One thought on “Day 15: Prayer Points

  1. I think the main prayer point for Nigeria should be that the Lord Almighty should give us and our Leaders the wisdom to serve him and use the resources that we have for the betterment of our country and humanity at large.


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