Day 19: Prayer & Meditation

Prayer Point

Pray for journey mercies for all participants from every part of the world. Pray for peace and security in every location participants will be travelling from. Pray against every satanic plan to hinder the Conference in any way.


The LORD will keep you from all harm –he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

– Psalm 121:7- 8

One of the great pleasures of the Christian life is the guarantee of our safety by no less a personality than the LORD himself, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121 is an assurance of that: The Lord is thy keeper. The Psalmist talked about lifting up his eyes to the hills and acknowledging that his helps comes from the LORD; he will not let your foot slip. While human security details do sleep, he who watches over you from heaven does not. The Psalmist says he will neither slumber nor sleep. He is so detailed about your security such that even against the malignant influences of the heavenly bodies he promises to protect you from: The sun shall not smite thee by day nor the moon by night.

The LORD himself, not another, will keep you from ALL harm, he will watch over your life. Hallelujah! Your going out and coming in are his to watch over not just for a season but both now and forevermore.
Since we have such great and precious promises, let us pray and affirm that as participants travel to the 2020 conference from different parts of the world, the eternal God will be our refuge and underneath us will be the everlasting arms. Pray that he will drive out the enemy before us.

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Published by N B Habu

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