Training Academy

About The Academy

The Agents of Change Academy is the training arm of the Agents of Change Network (Global Youth Changers Outreach). The Academy was created as a means to fulfil the mandate to raise a new generation of Christ Disciples – Agents of Change who will impact their World for God. This will be Men and Women with a passion and desire to follow Jesus in total commitment and be used by him to advance His programme of transforming lives and establishing His kingdom on earth.

The world could represent our sphere of influence: Family, Education, Religions, Business and Commerce, Media, Entertainment, Government and Politics or the World of the unreached, the world of children and youths. Our goal is to raise men and women who will create global impact, but who must first be taught to start in their own world, where God has located them. To begin locally and to grow globally. To begin here and go on from there. Hence, the syllabus is designed to take one from the point of personal transformation to family and the steps to engage their community, nations and the ends of the earth with the life transforming gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is inline with the instruction of Jesus in Acts 1:8

For a start, the Training will hold in two locations in Nigeria – Abuja and Jos.

Objectives of the Training Academy

Our desire and Objective is that Students who go through the Academy will;

1. Be transformed personally by the power of the Spirit and the Word, and will be led to offer the rest of their lives to God, to be used for His purpose.

2. Learn how to apply their faith and belief in the practice of their career and profession in a manner that will glorify God and His Son Jesus.

3. Learn how to spread their influence in the sphere they occupy in society.

4. Learn how to lead others to experience true transformation

5. Learn how to engage and transform their world for God.

6. Learn how to leverage knowledge and technology to advance the kingdom of God among men.

Training Delivery and Duration

The training will be delivered through our online learning management System in four (4 ) modules within a period of nine months. (April – January). However, there will be one compulsory contact session every quarter where teachers will give further instructions, interact with students, counsel and pray on the issues that will be raised in the course of the training.

Graduation will be in January during the annual World Agents of Change Conference.

Training Cost

The Tuition fee is N40,000 Naira. But this has been paid for all participants by the generous contribution of members of the Agents of Change Network. However, students will be responsible for their transportation, accommodation and feeding for the contact sessions,

Thank you for your interest in the Agents of Change Training Academy. You will be contacted shortly.

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